Monday, August 15, 2011

Training Day: Monday

ATM ("Always Train Mondays") in effect for what is now the sixth Monday in a row.

Sensei Kyle led the judo portion of the class, continuing our work on foot sweeps, specifically the ko uchi gari. It was our second week in a row working on the same throw and even though I feel as if I'm starting to get the hang of it, the fact that we only do judo once a week means that I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue working on the same move a bit more before moving on.

After class, Kyle pointed out some good combinations with the ko uchi gari, particularly attacking the other foot with an ashi barai type of sweep. Definitely something to work with, and I think I've found a way to integrate these throws into the Rip Cord set that is my basic approach to the top.

Some focused flow training tonight with Prof Carlos, who was in for Prof Rodrigo tonight. A lot of work from the closed guard, working on chokes from the guard and a flow series of choke/scissor sweep/mount/choke. After that, more pure flow training - guard passes and submissions from the guard before Live Training.

Three sessions for me in Live Training: Chris, the blue belt I've been training with a little more lately; a new guy, a white belt with a couple of stripes on his belt; and a roll with Prof Carlos that was as action-packed as ever. With Prof Carlos, I mostly try and gauge my reactions, my ability to keep moving and not settle into a position that is too disadvantageous. Tonight's training was very much an exercise in this effort.

Some good conversation with teammates about competing, executing and "thinking" that resonated. Always nice to know you're not the only one wrestling with certain situations or notions.

158.8 on the scale, post-train. Very nice for a Monday.