Monday, August 1, 2011

Training Day: Monday

A focus session for the evening class, working on sweeps from the de la Riva position. The sweep is one of Prof Rodrigo's favorites and, at least in two of its variations, doesn't require much in the way of agility.

Essentially, you are treating the DLR hook as you would a sitting guard position, getting control of the far sleeve and pushing against the far leg at the knee with your free/far leg. Lift the hook, pull the sleeve and roll, after basing on your elbow, toward the sleeve-side, looking away as if you were doing an alt upa.

The other variations were based on the guy's reaction to the #1. If he sits back, you spin under and use your hook leg to kick him over as you roll over your shoulder. I've never had a good time with this move, from the sitting guard either, and tonight was no exception. It's similar to the Shaolin sweep from half guard, which I'm able to do a little better. But I really couldn't nail this one down.

The #3 had you scissor your legs if you couldn't get to the top, and turn back into the guy instead, keeping your grips all the while. In the end, you are in a sort of "Rodolfigo" pass position, with control on the collar and control the the pants low.

Live training was good hard work with Casey and Alex, who I think I trained with for the first time. Trying to focus on guard passing, I'm moving better into the right positions, though there are some gaps I really need to fill (like the Flat Pass to my weak side). Got caught, for example, in a slingshot sweep because I didn't properly secure the leg in the low version of the Rodolfigo (tighter, elbow in). That's fixable.

157.3 on the scale post train. Down, down we go.