Friday, August 5, 2011

Training Day: Friday

Prof Carlos led Friday's class. He had us working an omoplata and back take off of the "arm DLR guard". The big key in this move, one I might actually end up making a part of my guard game, is opening up on the free side so as to provide room for the turn of the omoplata on the ADLR. Prof Carlos kept double sleeve control, and pulled the outside grip in to the middle as he planted the free foot on the mat and began to open up into the omoplata. Another key detail was making sure to have your ADRL deeply hooked so that you get a good control on the shoulder lock.

Prof Carlos argued against triangling the legs as you finish the omoplata, saying that you've got more strength if your legs remain straight first, before tucking them away (hip split style). What was more key for me was the idea of scooting away from the guy and pulling him by the hip toward you. In this way, he almost omoplata's himself.

The detail on the back take was to make sure that you push down on the trapped elbow as you make the move over the top (Bibiano-style).

Some good training in the Live Training session. I got to work the Feitosa and got caught in a very tight reverse triangle when I was working the middle pass and didn't fully secure the position as I moved to the side. I knew this was a danger in the pass, so it was good to see what happens when I'm not careful. More than a little patience got me out of the bad spot. But, again, the issue was an error in the pass (specifically not making the elbow/knee connection to trap and pin the hips).

158.7 on the scale post-train.