Friday, August 12, 2011

Training Day: Friday

I'd been thinking about local muscle endurance, why I have a hard time playing a very active open guard or attacking with armbars or triangles from the guard. Today's training led by Prof Carlos was a reminder of just what muscles are involved and hinted at what I need to do to improve my agility in this area.

We did mostly drilling, which is always nice, more of a focused drilling where we pretty much remained in one technical area (i.e., triangles and armbars from the guard). It's a nice compliment to the flow training we're doing on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

We started with step-by-step armbars, then double wrist control stuff triangles, then triangles with a transition to the armbar. I got to work with Prof Abel today and it was very hard work on the core (abs and hips) with all of this guard work. I did find my triangles working especially fluidly (surprisingly fluidy) - which I credit to the triangle drills that are a part of my matwork(TM) conditioning routine.

Live training with Abel and Chaim. Definitely a good workout, as always - though I didn't really get to work on anything special. Maybe during tomorrow's training, which should be intense as the final Saturday training before the Revolution.

160.2 on the scale. One more roll and I probably would have been in the 158s. That's what I'm hoping for after tomorrow's session.