Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thinking about Training: Frequency versus Duration

I posted something a little while ago that preached the effectiveness of frequency when it comes to training. The idea was that training six days a week for 30 minutes was better than training four times a week for 45 minutes or three times a week for an hour.

The guy making this point was Christian Thibaudeau, a performance-oriented bodybuilder. And while I'm inclined to agree with his prescription, the reality of the matter for me is that every time I've tried to chase frequency, I've been disappointed.

So right now, the idea is just to make more out of the times that I do train. This is part of why I've switched to mostly evening training. But the goal now is to really enlarge that to the point that on Mondays and Wednesdays I'm spending 3-4 hours at the academy in a stretch.

What's all this extra time for? I've been doing a pre-warmup warmup in the evenings that's allowed me to break a sweat before we even begin, and I like what that has done for my training so far. Now, I'll extend that a little bit (maybe even doing my matwork rounds) into more of a real conditioning opportunity.

Also, and most importantly, I'm going to be trolling for drilling partners like never before. I've got a mental list of less than 10 critical areas that I need to fix before I even think about competing again, and there's no better way to work on them than in drilling sessions before and after training.

Tomorrow will be a good opportunity to get this whole project up and running. I've gone after it in fits and starts before, but the key I think is to just spend a lot of time at the Academy. And if I can't do it by the day, I can at least do it by the hour.