Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training Day: Wednesday

More competition prep style training with a focus on both "flow" training and specific for the main class and Live Training afterwards. Really good stuff - almost too good when you're not expecting it. I keep thinking about all the passes and the full guard sweeps I would have tried if I had thought about it. That said, I did manage a Flat Pass or two to my weak side during the "flow" training and a few slingshot sweeps (left and right!), as well.

Nothing but black belts for me tonight. I got to train with Profs Jesse, Lance and Rodrigo, getting more than my money's worth on a midweek evening to be sure. The trick when training with guys like this is to just keep moving, stay technical and ambitious and pay attention to how they prevent you from even getting started with what you want to do - you may be able to return the favor to someone else down the line.

Cardio was so-so. It's hard to tell when you're really working pretty hard anyway. But I figure that as long as I'm among the last ones training when they call "time!" then I'm probably doing something right. It was definitely a good idea to skip the planned two-a-day for today. There wasn't a chance in the world that I'd've been able to train tonight if I had done the planned explosive-repeat conditioning session this morning (now rescheduled for Saturday).

A good night of training - however grounding, in many respects. More than anything else, it's the kind of thing that really makes you want to be able to train every day - just to get after the little mistakes and small details that just need to be tended to intensively for just a little while - a few weeks, a month or two - in order to become whole.

157.6 on the scale post-train. On my way ...