Saturday, July 16, 2011

Training Day: Saturday

"Some of the hardest training I've done in awhile" is probably the best way to describe training on Saturday. Arriving after they'd gotten started, I was paired with Prof Carlos to work butterfly guard drills and specific. And as has been the theme all week, Prof Rodrigo had turned things up to 11.

One of the things that continues to confuse me is the long time it takes to get warmed up. Within the first half hour, I felt as if I was going to collapse. But 90 minutes later, as I'm finishing up sparring and heading over to the side mat to do some HICT work, I'm feeling pretty good - good enough to do another two sessions before finally packing it in for the day.

Today was mostly about moving. Training with both Profs, I spent a lot of time on the defensive and trying to keep from falling too far behind. To be sure, there's a lot of cardio involved. But there's also a lot of "efficiency-seeking", as well, trying to get maximum effect for minimum effort.

That said, I'm convinced that the off-mat conditioning is starting to pay off - so much so that I'm wondering if some pre-heating might do the trick to help me avoid that initial 30 minutes of dispiriting local muscle fatigue. I used to think that doing conditioning before training would only make me too tired to train. But there's got to be some sort of middle ground that will allow me to get off to a somewhat swifter start.

157.2 on the scale post-train, everything but the coat. A nice two-pound drop below last week's number.