Monday, July 25, 2011

Training Day: Monday

More than average eagerness to train got me to the Academy for the early session. Right now, this is the latest version of my strategy to get in to train more consistently in the 4x/week range.

I figure that by training early on Monday and then late on Tuessday, I'll have enough time between the two sessions to make the most of the latter. Essentially, I'm giving myself another five hours between the sessions, which I'm hoping will make it easier to add a third consecutive training session Wednesday night.

Thursday off and then back at it on Friday for the early class.

Back during the last run-up for the last tournament, Rodrigo suggested something similar as an optimal training schedule, especially when preparing for a tournament: train Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, take Thursday off, then train again on Friday (or Saturday, I suspect, for those who can't train during the early class).

We'll see how it works out for me over the next month between now and then tournament I'm not competing in. As much as I want to keep on the conditioning, the difference makers for me far more often than not are technical ones, and the place to make the technical changes are at the academy, not the home gym (however jiu-jitsu-ized).

159.1 on the scale post train. A lot of good fundamental work in today's session, including jab and jab counter to body lock clinch. The gem of the training, though, was probably the guard opener from the ground with two very nice details that I haven't paid as much attention to. As with a seminar, you should never expect to be able to use everything you learn in class. But if you can at least learn one complete move and may two or three fundamental principles that you might have been lacking, then you'll be ahead of the game over time.

Didn't get to work on as much out of the half as I'd hoped. I'm trying to isolate some of my main issues from the top and bottom so that I can better recognize the opportunities to attack with them. I'll see what I can get accomplished on that score over the balance of the week.