Friday, July 15, 2011

Training Day: Friday

A great session on the mat. Prof Rodrigo kept the warm-up short and sweet so we could get quickly to the drilling.

We spent most of the session working on the clock choke variations.

1 the basic clock choke
2 clock choke with hip switch
3 spin and sit to the back
4 back escape return to clock choke

Very nice work - and Rodrigo had us going at a pretty good pace. It certainly didn't hurt to have worked the position just a few days ago (and with the same partner).

A lot of specific (rear mount, closed guard), which went well. I actually managed to work my omoplata game - a game I know I haven't even touched in a year, no lie. For sure, watching a few minutes of Stephan Kesting's omoplata DVD got the move in my head. But one of the things that I know helped me really get fully into position is all that triangle drilling I do as part of my matwork BJJ conditioning routine.

So it was nice to see that off-site training paying off a little.

Now, with about a month or so to go before the tournament I'm not competing in, the goal is to up the intensity and really push the endurance. Today, I was the last guy on the mat, which is something that - like my lonesome omoplata - has been a real rarity for some time. I was on my way out the door at a respectable time, but then decided, to hell with it, it's Friday. I'm getting some more training in.

159.8 on the scale post-train - a very nice little number. Too spent to do HICT - hopefully I'll have enough left after Saturday's training to get 6 laps in.