Friday, July 1, 2011

Training Day: Friday

Back on the mat for what will be the last time until Tuesday since the academy is closed on Monday and I've got to wait for a refigerator delivery on Saturday.

We worked takedowns mostly in Prof. Carlos' class. The seoinage, the drop seoinage, and a combo takedown where you attacked with the ko ouchi gari and then transitioned directly into the seoinage.

Carlos also showed us some finishes from the bottom, specifically, a transition from lockdown sidecontrol into both a mounted triangle and a straight armlock by way of trapping the arm on the north side and bringing the southside knee up on the the chest to bait the guy to push away with the far arm (stuff the hand and step over to attack with the triangle).

The armlock was tricky - and brutal to train - my arm has been sore for hours after time spent tweaking it this way and that trying to find the right angle for the lock.

Managed to get in a little Live Training before I had to run. My half guard top is very, very rough, a part of which I attribute to lack of regular training. I've got a few things targeted for post-training drills next week (some half guard replacement and Marcelo's backstep pass v.s. half) that I need to prioritize. Hopefully that will both fix some major technical issues, as well as begin to implement a post-training routine that allows me to focus on weak spots.

159.8 on the scale-post train.