Friday, July 29, 2011

Training Day: Friday

If the class size of Friday's early session was any indication, then the turn out at Saturday's GB Seattle Interschool "Friendly" should be massive.

Prof. Rodrigo had us working on more attacks from the back and, more importantly, transitions in the attack from the back. The technique was the bow and arrow choke transition to armbar that we worked on earlier in the week, so it was a great opportunity to review many of the key details, from the scissoring of the legs to free your lower leg after you drop to your side, to keeping your form sharp as you roll over into the armbar.

I've always been a big fan of "less is more." I could spend a month working on the same transition series, getting faster and sharper and more efficient day after day after week after week. It would probably bore a lot of folks to tears. But I bet you we would be finishing people with bow and arrow chokes as if they were on sale.

So the focus is working for me. It's really the only way to ingrain the muscle memory. To do it over and over again until you feel the move before you even begin to do it. It was especially nice to get in a little post-Live Training drilling in with Mark, the blue belt I've been able to do some quality drilling with before. I was able to work on the backstep pass v.s. half guard, the folding pass with leg pin, and a few other things I've been desperate to try and polish. I can't emphasize enough how important this is going to be in order for me to make the kind of gains I know I can make over the next few months and years.

158.0 on the scale post train. Not a bad number going into the weekend.