Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deep Practice in Jiu-Jitsu

In his great book, The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle presents two different models of "deep practice" that have helped turn average athletes, students, musicians and others into extraordinary achievers.

The first is based on the kind of deep practice associated with learning new skills, especially technical skills. Repetitious, focused drilling is the best approach here.

The second is based on the kind of deep practice associated with developing current skills. In this instance, you want to maximize creativity and spontaneity above all else. "Don't think, move!" is the mantra of this approach to betterment.

In the book, Coyle used aspiring musicians and tennis players as examples of the first type of training, and soccer players from Brazil as examples of the second.

This week at GB Seattle, Prof Rodrigo has given us the opportunity to do both.

From the specific work Monday night to the flow training Wednesday, my only regret is that I didn't know these opportunities were coming. I probably would have asked my partner to play more specific guards for me to pass, and I would have been more able to work on some of my take-the-back moves from half and deep half.

But that said, it was a really nice taste of both deep practice methods applied to jiu-jitsu and I'm hoping we get to do more and more of it.