Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mundial Notes from Shawn Williams

Doing a little work Saturday night while watching the TUF Finale in the hopes that I'll have less work to do on Sunday and can slip down to Federal Way to train. So I don't have the time to talk about some of the great jiu-jitsu I was able to watch earlier today as part of Budo Videos' coverage of the 2011 Mundial (including Viera v. Calasans in the absolute).

But there were two interesting comments that I wanted to note before I forgot them. Both came from Renzo Gracie black belt, Shawn Williams, who was part of the commentating team along with Budo Jake and Caleb of Fightworks Podcast.

1. When trying to decide what weight to compete at, figure that you should be at your competition weight two weeks before the tournament (this is for same-day, IBJJF-style events).

2. One hour before your division is called up, train hard for up to 20 minutes. Then do what you need to do to stay warm and loose until it's time to compete.

This last one was especially interesting. Shawn said that the conventional wisdom is that people are afraid that they will tire out. But if you are shape and have been training hard, that 20 minutes of hard training an hour beforehand can be an excellent way to prepare yourself for the intensity of the first, actual competitive match.