Thursday, June 16, 2011

HICT Thursday

High Intensity Continuous Training (HICT)

2 sets, 10 minutes each of box steps. 8 minutes "active rest" between sets.
Set 1: HR 26
Post Active Rest: HR 32
Set 2: HR 37 (31 after 60s)

Here's what Joel Jamieson has to say about HICT.
This method is different from other forms of aerobic training in that it is both high intensity and relatively high volume. This unique characteristic is also why it (is) so effective. Whereas most aerobic training methods are either high intensity/low volume intervals, or high volume/low intensity continuous training, the high intensity continuous training method is high intensity based on resistance rather than speed and thus it allows for a higher volume of stimulus.

More specifically, a little like the tempo training I'm doing on Tuesdays, HICT helps by "increasing the aerobic abilities of your fast twitch fibers."

For more from Joel Jamieson, visit his website here.