Thursday, June 30, 2011

Conditioning: Cardiac Output

Still experimenting with LSD-type training with minimal treadmill. Here's today's routine. It took about 35-40 minutes or so.

Berardi round
matwork round
1/2 guard round (10 reps w/60s r x3)
360 drill round (10 reps w/60s r x3)

I've done this routine with abswork and the 3-part toreano drill, but I think I like it a little bit leaner, keeping skills-related activity to a minimum. This is a pure cardio circuit, so the idea is more constant movement and effort rather than precise movement. That's where the tempo training (Tuesdays and Saturdays) comes in.

I'll probably shuffle this so that I do all the shoes-on work in the beginning and the jiu-jitsu drill work at the end. That saves a little bit of time - though I have to admit that there's something I like about finishing up on the treadmill (though 800m at a time is probably a better way to go than 1200m!).

I really need to do a video of matwork sometime. I think it's a really nice combination of jiu-jitsu exercises that can be used in everything from cardiac output type work to anaerobic/lactic circuit training. I'd like to try a circuit of alternating matwork and Berardi rounds sometime - definitely something for the second half of the training camp.

I've been thinking about the diet thing and am probably headed back for another try at the Warrior Diet (with the Gracie Diet approach for undereating). I think the key to pulling it off over time, though, is staying active and training not just regularly but frequently.

One point Griff made recently about these sorts of diets in general (including the Paleo, for example) is that they tend to be harder when you are in a sedentary environment. That makes sense on a number of levels, not the least of which that the whole point of Warrior/Paleo diets is that they are based on a time when Homo sapiens was far from sedentary.

Here, I need to take more advantage of my Little Prince status. I was thinking of how difficult a time Prof. Rodrigo is having gaining weight in spite of eating more. The issue is activity. Training hard every day - and twice a day most of the week - will keep your metabolism at a level where it will readily devour just about any calories you can throw at it.

So that's the game for me for the balance of 2011, the mid-year resolution, the plan for getting to a walk-around weight of 150 over the next 30-45 days.

Very much looking forward to training tomorrow and getting back on a MWF kick.