Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Training Day: Wednesday

A real savage training tonight. After warmups we started with a little standup drilling, working on the entry for the fireman's carry. From there, we drilled half-guard sweeps, the Xande and the Shaolin, from Monday night. I was having a little trouble getting the momentum right for the Xande, not waiting for it, mostly. And the Shaolin felt a little better than it did on Monday. I felt less like I was bodysurfing into position and a bit more like a controlled roll.

A lot of half guard specific and I really felt like I underperformed. Fatigue came on very fast after just a few rounds of passing and on the bottom my game seemed to fall apart. Compared to the way my guard game was last Saturday, things looked pretty rough - and all the more dismayingly so given that half guard is my bread and butter.

Live Training was better. I don't feel about the half guard the way I used to now that I am opening things up a little bit. But I don't want to lose complete touch with it. In competition, it will still be a go to position - especially if I can keep near the front of the pack in the deep half guard arms race.

161.2 on the scale post-train. A little heavier than I'd like, but that makes weight.