Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movement is Technique

Griff of Edmonds BJJ reminded me of what an incredible resource Global Training Report is. I was over there earlier and came across an interesting observation on the relationship between "technique" and "movement". It fits very much into the jiu jitsu Renaissance I am trying to launch in my own private little Firenze.

Movement Versus Technique: Why Rickson Gracie, B.J. Penn, Marcelo Garcia and Marco Barbosa are Good at Jiu-Jitsu
He simple kept repeating “movement is more important than technique”; and, of course, his definition of movement is also quite comprehensive. In any case, he passed, pinned, and tapped me and everyone else multiple times using a surprisingly small number of actual techniques. The minute adjustments and transitions he employed to pass, stay on top, escape in those rare situations where he was put in danger, and finish, were the key.