Friday, April 29, 2011

Training Day: Friday

Guard passing heaven at Gracie Barra Seattle.

Today's installment with Prof. Carlos continued on the theme of open guard passes, starting with standing inside control and using the "guard split" (one leg up, one leg on the mat) to set up passing opportunities. There were variations for with and without double sleeve control.

For shorthand - and to remember them better - they were The Fold, The Hug, The Sitout and The Backflip. The one pass that seemed the most complicated and hard to do, The Sitout, is actually turning into one of my favorites of the group - especially on my good side.

I especially like one thing both Profs Rodrigo and Carlos are doing with very specific sparring. Forcing us to work specifically on the guard passes that we have just learned really helps in grain them more - and keep specific training from devolving into just another opportunity to train what you already know. I know I've had that tendency far too oftem and this added bit of structure is a lot of help.

162.4 on the scale post-train. I didn't get a chance to spar, which probably would have knocked off another pound to keep me under weight. With any luck, I'll more than make up for it tomorrow.